… and so we begin.

At the insistence of a friend of mine whose opinion I value greatly, I have decided to start a blog about our adventures in poultry farming. At face value, this would lump us in with nearly every other two-bit wanna-be farmer with a computer, an opinion and a few scraggly livestock, but we do bring a bit of uniqueness to the table.

Number one, we are attempting to live sustainably in the desert of Southern Arizona. I had a local farmer last week lamenting that we are exercising futility in that all the water has to be piped in, shade created, etc., etc., and that sustainability is a pipe dream here but they had forgotten a few key points of this place we have chosen for home. Namely, that we are just north of Tohono O’odham land, where the People have lived continually since before the Spanish came. So, sustainability is possible… it is just going to take some work.

Another thing that might make our experience a little more unique is that our main aggressor, currently, is the Javelina. It’s not a pig… it’s a peccary, but more on that later.

Finally, the thing I hope that will separate our blog from every other farming blog out there is that, despite the quasi religious overtones of our name, this blog is not the extension of some religious mission. We have our beliefs, ones that we don’t even agree on with each other, and we have no interest in convincing anyone else that our beliefs are superior in some way… well, except for Agrarianism (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agrarianism). You might get an earful of that one, but considering that we will be talking about agricultural interests, like growing things and raising livestock, should come to be expected. Beyond that, it is live and let live, believe and let believe.

So, we’ll keep you posted. It is not always exciting but it has a nasty proclivity for getting interesting around here. ~Grimm

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One thought on “… and so we begin.

  1. twintoefarm

    Yay! Welcome fellow local desert dweller. Excited to learn from your adventures in the old pueblo.

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